The Navy SEAL Foundation raises money for wounded warriors and their families

February 2016

The Navy SEAL Foundation raises money to take care of America’s wounded warriors and their families.  It helps kids go to school. It provides funds to help families in need if they suffer the loss of their loved one. It does so much more.  To create an environment celebrating the work and extraordinary risks and achievements of the Navy SEALS we constructed a fully immersive environment. The VIP pre party in a new office building was turned into a monument to their work with striking silhouettes adorning the many glass walls.  The foyer to the ballroom was accented with full color life size prints of the SEALS.  The ballroom itself was turned into a virtual “Ops Room” with multi-screen video projection on all sides filled with custom authentic SEALS footage of the teams in action.  The patriotic energy of Toby Keith was fitting tribute as the real life Taya King presented the honors to Clint Eastwood.   By creating an epic event with a strong story line Honeysweet helped the first SEALS Foundation gala in Los Angeles bring in more than $4 million from the exclusive crowd of 600 guests.


When HONEYSWEET joins your team, together we will produce an event that engages your culture in a meaningful story experience. That is the HONEYSWEET touch.

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